I decided to put together a FREE 8-Week Training Guide of what works for me and what may also work for you.

Yes, I know that eight weeks before a race seems like it is too late to even start, but I PROMISE YOU IT IS NOT!!! I am a procrastinator of all things, including training for a race, but eight weeks is plenty of time to get ready. You can start your training now and STILL ROCK IT at the rock’n’roll race! I am not a running coach or an expert but I do know that I have successfully run multiple races and have found what has worked for me and hopefully it will help you too!

So let’s get started...

8 Week Training Schedule

Let’s Go More In Depth Here...

Running Days:

START SLOW. Don’t feel as if you have to run the whole time. Just work your way up and start wherever you are in your abilities at this time. If you can’t run 3 miles yet, try and set your watch to run/walk for at least 30 minutes. If you are listening to music, try switching between running and walking for each song (that can make it go by faster and make it more enjoyable). If you are already able to run 3 miles, good for you and keep it up, building up more miles each time. 

Remember that these weeks are for TRAINING. Don’t get discouraged if you have a bad run or are feeling weak because I can assure you that the day of the race will be a totally different experience. If you don’t get all the miles in that you want for the week, THAT’S OKAY! Your body needs rest just as much as it needs the mileage (if not more). 

Don’t feel like you have to run on these exact days that I have put into the schedule. If you're not available to run on those days then try a different day. I am not one of those people who needs to do my long run at the exact time and day as the race either so I would just make sure I do a long run even if it ended up being on Sunday or Monday instead.

Tapering down before the race, like I have shown in week 7, has been shown to help improve your performance for your race day. I know some people don't like to taper but I get excited when I go from running 12 miles to only having to run 6 miles and it definitely does my muscles good.

Strength Training/Cross Training:

SQUATS are your best friend for this hilly race. Try out my favorite leg exercises HERE or my favorite full body exercises HERE. Making sure you are strengthening your quads and hamstrings is so important and can help protect your knees during long runs and get you ready for all the hills. Taking exercise classes, hopping on an elliptical, or doing your own workouts are great on these days too so whatever it is you love to do, go for it!

Off Days:

Rest is ESSENTIAL!!!! You must let your muscles recover so that they can perform properly. If you need more rest days than what I have on my schedule then add them! Like I said before, your body needs rest as much as it needs mileage to build that endurance so let that body rest! {I usually run my best after not running more than 2 days!}

Race Week:

This is when you are doing the least amount of miles leading up to the race so that you don’t wear yourself out before the actual race day. Make sure to drink fluids AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, especially this week.

Tips For Peak Performance On Race Day

  • Don’t wear anything that you have not trained in. DON’T, I repeat, DON’T get sucked into buying something new for your shoes or anything else at the Expo that can mess up your run. { I bought a new pair of inserts the day before a race and had a blister the size of an egg by mile 6 (SOOO DUMB)}
  • Warm your muscles up with some jumping jacks or slow jog before the race.
  • Eat a little something before but not too much, trying to remember that 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein...{I will be posting about my pre/post nutrition and what to eat for runs next}.
  • Your adrenaline will be pumping; don’t let that speed you up too fast in the beginning miles to where you wear yourself out too early. Try and use a pacer on your phone or watch, or even have a running buddy as your pacer. You can sign up to run with a pacing group at the expo too, so that is an option!
  • RUN THE MILE YOU ARE IN. Don't think about how far you have to go just think about the mile you are in, the people that surround you, and the song that is playing in your ears.

Don’t forget to stretch it out after all your runs!!!

I hope this info can help you in training for the race this April 30th or any half marathon you have coming up! Want to know more about training for a half marathon? Feel free to send me a message with any questions about training that you have!