Those 3 words: All In Moderation

All in moderation. We have all heard these 3 words. It’s like a synonym for balance isn’t it? Having a balanced meal is having the food you want but in moderation, right? It is usually my quick answer to someone that asks for a diet or nutritional advice when I am out and they find out that I am a dietitian. “All in moderation.” You want a quick fix? I’ll give you a quick answer. But although it is short and sweet, it is definitely not a quick fix and it is definitely not a diet either. It is a lifestyle. 

When I work with clients, I don’t usually hand them a meal plan and send them on their way. I know that that is what some people want and some will actually follow it but for the vast majority of Americans, we don’t follow the same schedule every day. Life gets crazy, and its hard to eat your previously planned, organic, gluten-free, grilled chicken and fresh veggies with a side of quinoa that you didn’t think even sounded good in the first place. So instead, how about finding out what you are already eating and go from there. Is there anything you can do without? Can you try diet soda instead of regular? What are some healthier alternatives? There are so many questions to be asked but the goal is to find something that works FOR YOU. To find something that you like or may even already be eating but need to learn portion control. 

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