“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.” - Brene Brown

Every single one of us has a story to tell, some harder than others. Learning more about our story and digging deeper into how we have gotten to where we are can help to mold us into a better, healthier version of ourselves. I want to help you find balance and help you own your story so that you can use it to shape you into a better YOU. Life is way better when shared with others and trials are way easier when you have a supporter. 


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Initial Consult 

1 hour session

Full nutrition and dietary assessment.

Education on nutrition basics and individual needs.

Provide estimated calories burned at baseline.

Macronutrient composition and goals.

Identify areas of focus, what works for YOU.

Set individual goals and recommendations.

Provide accountability and ongoing support.


Follow-Up Session

30 min session

 (highly recommended for success)

Assessment of where you are in your journey.

Review of concerns, strengths, weaknesses.

Set new goals and recommendations.

Constant encouragement and check-ins.



Extra Services

Meal Plan (7 day)

Dining out guide with your favorite restaurants. 

Pantry clean out

Fridge clean out.

Meal Prep.

Grocery shopping guides and lists.

***Other add-ons available upon request

Why Me?

I love people. I am so passionate about helping others find their best self and helping them find the balance and happiness that I have finally found throughout the years. I don’t believe in diets. Nope, not one bit. If you want me to tell you a perfect answer of how to lose weight and get fit or give you a pill or meal plan that will forever change your life, I may not be your girl. There is no perfect answer. Everyone is different and everyone’s needs are individualized. I want to be real with you. I want to be vulnerable with you. I WANT TO MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE, WHEREVER THAT PLACE MAY BE, AND FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! I want to dig deep into your crazy life and figure out what we can do to find that balance that you need. I want to be your biggest fan, your trusted confidant, daily motivator, and maybe even your new best friend! Sooo I may not be able to give you a quick fix from a diet pill but THIS, this is what I can do for you and I think a lifelong change with a bonus of a new found friend sounds a whole lot better if you ask me! 

"Balance is not something you find. It is something you create."

Let me help you create that balance. Let’s get started!!!

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